seeing with ears (2019)

site-specific performance

“seeing with ears” is a site-specific performance designed for the specific acoustic and spatial situation of the former water reservoir “Grosser Wasserspeicher” is a research about the human capacity, to develop three-dimensional image based in the audible sense.

A blind performer, a musician and dancer explore the principle of echo-location through through palatal clicks (click-sonar) and recordings of bat sounds.

A work about the limitation of our senses and the unattainability of the other.

Does it make sense…… to ask what my experiences are really like, as opposed to how they appear to me?”

Nagel, Thomas / “What is it like to be a Bat?


  • KATIA ENGEL - Concept, artistic director
  • ALPHA KARTSAKI - Sound Design
  • SEBASTIAN SCHLEMMINGER - technical director, sound design
  • EVA COENEN - Scientific research
  • REINALD SKIBA, EVA COENEN, KARL-HEINZ FROMMOLT - Sound recording bats (with courtesy of the Animal Sound Archive, Museum of Natural History Berlin)
  • FAOZAN RIZAL - documentation


  • Bezirksamt Pankow, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur (District Office Pankow for Continueing Education)

Cooperation Partners

  • Animal Sound Archive/Museum of Natural History Berlin,  International  Bat Museum/ Märkische Höhe/Brandenburg, General Association for the Blind and Visually (Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin e .V. ).